Just a few sports photos.  More to come.


Just a few families I’ve shot over the years.    

Fun Maternity & Newborn Shoot

Gosh, I didn’t realize I left this in my drafts.  Darn it.  Oh well!  I got to go back to my old neighborhood and do a photo shoot for our old neighbors.  They were expecting their 3rd child, a girl after having two boys already.   Plus, I also went to shoot their newborns.  It…

My kiddos!!

All my kiddos were together not too terribly long ago and I got some fun photos of them.  We had a blast.  Check out the awesomeness called my kids!!

My RED Head #2

These are of my awesome stepson.  He is not the most confident kid but doing this shoot he was so confident and funny.  He had a blast and so did I.

Beautiful Girl!

Found some photos I took of my oldest last year!  They got lost in the mix!  Love them!